Centron R&D Center


The Global Blood Bank Equipment Engineering Experts – Probing Potential

Blood bank equipment is about improving blood transfusion process, work procedure and cost efficiency to maximize medical
benefit for human being. Our R&D Lab delivers high-quality, low-cost technical service based on integrated strategies and
efficient engineering.
All engineers and specialists in Centron R&D Lab have built up extensive experiences through long term
research and engineering. R&D Lab is also ready to deliver tailored technical solutions to extend product range including OEM.
Our commitment to accuracy, reliability and safety makes us the industry pioneer


CS360° principle standing for Customer Satisfaction or "Centron Satisfaction" has established to promise a differentiated level
of customer service from every technical aspect. We understand the blood bank equipment market and what needs to be
arranged. From general sales inquiry and technical assistance request to after-sales service, Centron R&D Lab will work closely
with sales specialists and management departments as an integrated work force to deliver the best solution to customers via
various interactive communication channels. For troubleshooting, new product planning, after-sales request,
software management, OEM feasibility and R&D projects, please ask us. We will think and go one step further for solutions.